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  • Sukhjeet
    Sukhjeet, 2012/03/24 05:42

    Hi,Thanks for helping with aearwness by publishing this video   however I would like to add a HUGE caveat that the Material Load/Save and LRMDB integration features are not completely finished yet!I know for a fact that there are still a few issues with these features, and that I may still need to make compatibility-breaking or otherwise fundamental changes to the material file formats in order to fully support complete recall of all settings.In future, it might be better if you make tutorials and documentation only for versions of the code/plugins which are official releases, so that we can provide at least some confidence that the code will continue to operate as described in your videos.By grabbing and documenting the code from our hg/bitbucket repos, you may well be asking for trouble by showing users how to use features that are either not complete, are still in heavy development, subject to massive changes and/or otherwise just simply broken.Don't get me wrong though, I really appreciate the time you have taken to show the world about our software   I just wanted to point out to anyone who may try to use this code that the final stable versions may work or look different.Cheers,Doug.

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