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19h15 à 19h30 : Accueil

19h30 à 20h25 : Java Performance Tuning - not so scary after all

No one likes slow applications, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to start when trying to fix a performance problem. This talk will cover a range of tools and techniques which can be used to track down and fix performance issues.

Topics covered:

  • Why performance really really matters
  • What’s the garbage collector doing? (And why you should care.)
  • But why is the garbage collector doing all that, anyway? How to find out what’s in your heap.
  • Are you waiting around on locks?
  • Is your application running the code it should be?
  • Pulling it all together

Intervenant : Holly Cummins

20h25 à 21h05 : Buffet offert par Octo Technology

21h05 à 22h00 : OSGi and the Enterprise: A match made in a … box?

The Enterprise OSGi specification provides a compelling programming model for creating modular, portable, and dynamic enterprise applications. The Apache Aries project is an open source implementation of this standard. It is designed to complement existing web servers with a new set of pluggable enterprise-level services such as transactions, persistence, service bindings, and dependency injection. The Blueprint container standardizes the popular Spring component model, enabling dependency injection, application component assembly, and allowing beans to be easily swapped in and out for unit testing. Integration with JPA and JNDI standards allow declarative persistence and interoperability with legacy applications. Support for transactions and JMX provide enterprise-level application control.

Intervenant : Holly Cummins

22h00 à … : 3ème mi-temps des juggers au Vavin

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