Evening with Stephen Colebourne

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19h15 à 19h30 : Accueil

19h30 à 22h00 : Evening with Stephen Colbourne

I’ll be spending some time on three themes.
Firstly, the politics of Java, Oracle, Google and Apache - nothing too heavy, but an essential background to understand the events of the past few years.
Secondly, dates, times and money in Java - covering Joda-Time, JSR-310/ThreeTen and Joda-Money.
Finally, why I find Scala has issues and what Fantom has to teach us when looking for a better Java.
I plan on this being a discussion, not just a talk!

Intervenant : Stephen Colebourne

20h25 à 21h05 : Buffet

22h00 à … : 3ème mi-temps des juggers au Vavin

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