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19h15 à 19h30 : Accueil

19h30 à 20h25 : CDI

CDI, the programming model of Java EE.
With the introduction of Contextual Dependency Injection and Managed Beans into the Java EE 6 platform, a Java EE developer now has a full complement of facilities to write a Java EE application.
But when should CDI be used, and when should introduce EJBs?
How can you integrate CDI and EJB into your application?
In this session we will walk through a Java EE 6 application built around CDI, and show how we can unobtrusively add EJB services as we need them.
We will finish the session by looking at what is coming in next in Java EE 7 and CDI 1.1.

Intervenant : Pete Muir

20h25 à 21h05 : Buffet

21h05 à 22h00: CDI Extensions

Using CDI Extensions to Make a Better Java EE.
Java EE 6 offers significant and compelling improvements over previous versions of the platform.
But regardless of how sweeping the change, it’s not long before we want more.
In this talk, you’ll discover that you don’t have to wait for Java EE 7 to get the features you crave thanks to the portable extension integration SPI introduced into the platform by CDI.

Intervenant : Pete Muir

22h00 à … : 3ème mi-temps des juggers au Vavin

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