Aaron Mac Sween

Aaron MacSween is a Research Engineer at XWiki SAS.
He studied Computer Science and Cognitive Science at the University of Toronto, meanwhile devoting much of his free time to a global community of cryptography and distributed computing enthusiasts.
He acted as a volunteer system administrator at CASA (the Cognitive science and Artificial intelligence Student’s Association), refurbishing non-functional computers and turning the association into a part-time Linux User Group. This activity expanded into an effort to construct an encrypted mesh network across more of the city, a project which has since grown, and led to him being featured in Vice Magazine’s Motherboard.
After two years he left school to work as a web developer, the flexibility of which afforded him more time to help members of the cryptography community organize their efforts. In 2015, his involvement in this role brought him to Maribor, Slovenia to lecture at BattleMesh v8 on the topic of “Peer to Peer IPv6 Networking in cjdns”. He moved to Paris, France later the same year.
His time at XWiki is spent developing technologies for Collaborative Real Time Editing in the browser, a task which allows him to leverage his background in Cognitive Science to make cryptography and distributed computing accessible to a wider audience.

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