Ludovic Dubost

A graduate of PolyTech (X90) and Telecom School in Paris, Ludovic Dubost started his career as a software architect for Netscape Communications Europe. He then joined NetValue as CTO. NetValue was one of the first French start-ups that went public. He left NetValue after the company was purchased by Nielsen/NetRatings. In 2004 Ludovic launched XWiki, the next generation wiki.
For the past 12 years, Ludovic has managed XWiki SAS and has been involved in the development of XWiki open source software. This versatile platform helps companies and organizations all over the world organize, share, and collaborate on content. Complex custom projects have been implemented on top of XWiki, such as the USH public resources center, the EMC competitive intelligence system and Chronopost’s account opening system.

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