Regis Medina

I’m a Lean coach specialized in IT projects. I help IT teams better serve their clients and then reduce costs by removing waste, thanks to an approach where people are constantly learning through rigourous problem solving.

My main area of interest is software development. I spent the first twelve years of my career writing software in domains such as telecommunications, transportation, energy, and finance.

I was one of the pioneers of agile development here in France. I discovered Extreme Programming back in 1998, and became an agile coach in 2001. I first launched Design-up, a website dedicated to promote XP in France, and then I co-authored the first XP book in French. But most of all, I had great success on my projects with this approach. My main experience was as a process and technical lead on a 4-year, 1000 men-month telecommunications project which was considered a major success. The product we developed was named “best in class” by our first customer.

I discovered Lean a few years ago. At first it was only through books, but later on I had the privilege of being trained by world-class lean experts. This opened a whole new world to me, eventually convincing me that lean was the “real thing” behind agile approaches.

Lean in still in its early days in the IT world. My goal is to go beyond the first efforts of “agile kanban” and explore how the concepts of kaizen, performance management, problem solving, visual management, standardization, training, just-in-time, jidoka, heijunka, teamwork - basically all the fundamental Lean concepts - can be applied to real-world projects to drastically improve the experience of IT users.

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